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I am pleased to welcome you to the website of Jordan Deposit Insurance Corporation (JODIC) which is a vital pillar of the financial safety net in the Kingdom, that moved steadily toward excellence and professionalism during its march over two decades since its inception, to continue its proven track records of incredible success in achieving its objectives of depositors’ protection to encourage savings, enhance confidence in the banking system, and contribute to maintaining banking and financial stability in the Kingdom, to support the sustainable economic growth. 

JODIC has become an ideal model at the regional and international levels, as it operates in compliance with the best international practices despite the global financial crisis that was a real stress testing for many financial and banking safety systems, The deposit insurance umbrella expanded to cover Islamic banks through establishing Deposit.

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Deposit Insurance Fund For Islamic Banks

The Deposit Insurance Fund for Islamic Banks was established at the Jordan Deposit Insurance Corporation by the virtue of the amending law of JODIC's Law No. (8/2019) issued on Apr 1st, 2019. The Fund enjoys a legal entity status managed by the Corporation,The amending Law expanded the deposit insurance umbrella to cover Islamic banks complying with the Shariah rulings, aiming at protecting the vast majority of depositors with the banks operating in the Kingdom.

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